Friday, November 5, 2010

mobil Honda Jazz, Tangerang

Motor : .Rp. 190 jt
Denny Azhari S., Phone : 081288354545, Location : Tangerang.
Date : 2 November 2010

Jual Honda Jazz RS Manual 2010. Harga Rp 190.000.000 masih bisa nego. Kondisi sangat istimewa. KM 9000. Sudah pasang spoiler dan kaca film 3M. Masih mulus. Tidak menyesal beli mobil ini. Dipakai hanya untuk antar-jemput anak ke sekolah. Minat silakan hubungi 081288354545 atau 081514668699 (Tlp/SMS). Alasan dijual untuk tambahan biaya berobat.

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Honda Jazz, Tangerang

Price : Rp. 190.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Honda Jazz.
Seller :Contact : Denny Azhari S., 081288354545, Tangerang..

Sell Manual Honda Jazz RS 2010. Price USD $ 190 million still can nego. Condition is very special. KM 9000. Already pairs of spoilers and 3M window film. Still smooth. No regrets buying this car. Used only to transport the children to school. Interest please call 081288354545 or 081514668699 (Phone / SMS). Reason for sale for additional medical expenses.

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  1. When you found an ad you may like don't rush in to contact the seller. Before doing so gather more ads with same attributes (Honda car model, year of fabrication, location, etc), then compare each attribute (not just price) with other ads you'd gathered. Be sure that the used Honda car you are going to buy is the most suited your needs and budget.
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