Thursday, March 3, 2011

mobil Honda Jazz Silver 2005 A/T

Rp. 115 jt
Location : Jakarta D.K.I.
Date : 2 March 2011

Dijual: Honda Jazz Silver 2005 A/T
Tanggal: Hari ini
Condition: Bekas
Harga: Rp. 115.000.000 negotiable
Oleh: alisia
Member sejak: 07-03-2010
Honda Jazz 2005 IDSI A/T Silver
Kondisi mobil gak mengecewakan,tinggal pake
Mobil mulus n istimewa,Terawat,perawatan berkala
Mesin Mobil Halus,Ac dingin,all power window active,
Pajak Baru perpanjang,Bulan 1 tahun Depan
Tangan Pertama,A/N Pribadi,Surat2 Lengkap,

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Silver 2005 Honda Jazz A / T

Price : Rp. 115.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Jakarta D.K.I..

For Sale: Silver 2005 Honda Jazz A / T
Date: Today
Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 115 million negotiable
By: alisia
Member since: 07-03-2010
IDSI 2005 Honda Jazz A / T Silver
Conditions cars do not disappoint, living pake
Cars smooth n special, Kept, regular maintenance
Car Engine Smooth, cold AC, all power windows active,
New Tax renew, Future Months 1 year
First Hand, A / N Personal, Surat2 Complete,
Hub: 0856.9486.2470/021.33317104/96445152

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