Sunday, April 17, 2011

mobil Honda - Accord - 2001

Rp. 110 jt
Barmy Pro, Phone : 0878-72200197, Location : Fatmawati.
Date : 1 April 2011

Honda Accord Vti-L 01 A/T silver jok kulit pajak nov 11 harga Rp. 110 jt cash

Merk : Honda. Model : Accord. Jenis Kendaraan: Sedan. Tahun Kendaraan: 2001. Jenis Transmisi: Automatic. Kapasitas Mesin: 2,000 cc. Silinder Mesin: 6. Kilometer: 100,000 Km. Warna: Silver. Tanda Nomor Kendaraan Bermotor: B - 2436 - Y (Jakarta). Jenis Bahan Bakar: Premium. Velg: Racing. AC : Ya. Power Steering: Ya. Jenis Penggerak Roda : 2WD. Audio & Video: Tape  CD  MP3  DVD  . Tanggal berakhir STNK: 11/07/2012. Kondisi: Seperti Ba

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Honda - Accord - 2001

Price : Rp. 110.00 mil.
Item :
Seller :Contact : Barmy Pro, 0878-72200197, Fatmawati..

Honda Accord VTI-L 01 A / T silver leather upholstery tax nov 11 price Rp. Jt 110 cash

Brand: Honda. Model: Accord. Vehicle Type: Sedan. Vehicle Year: 2001. Transmission Type: Automatic. Engine Capacity: 2,000 cc. Engine Cylinders: 6. Kilometers: 100,000 Km. Color: Silver. No sign of Motor Vehicles: B - 2436 - Y (Jakarta). Fuel type: Premium. Wheels: Racing. AC: Yes. Power Steering: Yes. Wheel Drive Type: 2WD. Audio & Video: Tape CD MP3 DVD. Expired vehicle registration date: 11/07/2012. Condition: Like Ba

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