Friday, April 29, 2011


Mobil : .Rp. 127 jt
Location : Jakarta Pusat.
Date : 26 April 2011

Honda ANTIK ! CITY VTEC SEPERTI BARU 2004 HONDA NEW CITY VTEC AUTOMATIC 2005 SEPERTI BARUDouble Airbag, ABS, Full Original,Hitam metalik, STNK panjang,Kf VCool, interior bersih,Terawat, Full Original luar dalam,Body super mulus (klimis),Tidak ada perbaikan, Tinggal pakai. Harga 127jt NegoYang mau kredit bisa di bantu, Kebetulan adik kerja di Leasing. Charlie - Jakpus08170074603 xl - 02196929662 esia - 21cbbfe7(pin Bb).Honda. ANTIK ! CITY VTEC SEPERTI BARU.2004. Sedan. Rp 127.000.000 Nego. B - JAKARTA.2. Rp 2.200.000. HITAM METALIK.1500. premium. AUTOMATIC. CHARLIE. JAKPUS, PIN BB 21cb

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Price : Rp. 127.00 mil.
Item : Motor : Honda– 2004.
Seller :Contact : Jakarta Pusat..

Honda ANTIK! CITY VTEC LIKE NEW 2004 NEW HONDA CITY 2005 VTEC AUTOMATIC LIKE BARUDouble airbag, ABS, Full Original, Black metallic, long vehicle registration, Kf VCool, clean interior, Kept, Full Original outside in, Body super smooth (shiny), No improvement, stay put. Price 127jt NegoYang credit would be in aid, Incidentally sister working in Leasing. Charlie - Jakpus08170074603 xl - 02,196,929,662 esia - 21cbbfe7 (pin Bb). Honda. ANTIK! CITY VTEC LIKE BARU.2004. Sedan. USD 127 million Nego. B - JAKARTA.2. USD 2.2 million. BLACK METALIK.1500. premium. AUTOMATIC. CHARLIE. Jakpus, 21cb BB PIN

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